We are THISDAY CHARITY / non-profit/ fundraising/ NGO organizations. Our justgiving activities are taken place within Nigeria. This Day Charity Foundation is a charity organization with the sole purpose of helping those in need.

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Thisday Charity Foundation is a charity organization with the sole purpose of helping those in need. To this end, we hope to reach out to as many needy people through the purchase and provision of material and financial contributions


Replicating charity shops in UK, USA etc.

It feels good to do good.

As a global organization based in Nigeria,
we are passionate about giving.

Our Approach

We help families to bring
their children home

We work with local and international donors, governments and communities, helping them redirect funds from orphanages to provide health, education and social services, so children can be raised in loving families.


These services can only be met through your support, donations and commitment to uplifting our foundation. You can also reach us through our trustees as follows:

Mrs Florence Lawal
  • Mrs Florence Irowa Lawal is an accounting graduate from Auchi and Kaduna Polytechnic. Worked and retired as a senior accountant with the Industrial Training Fund, Lagos. Thereafter, has been in business as a fashion designer till date. Had a vision to add fashion to peoples’ life so founded This Day Charity foundation in 2016. Happily married and blessed with five children.
Mrs Florence Okiy
  • Mrs Florence Chizitere Okiy , is a graduate of Botany from university of calabar with a diploma in data processing management in 1987. Worked as a computer manager in Citizens and Homes mortgage Ltd . Now a successful business woman in telecoms and automobile . Mother of three children. I love making people happy , happy to meeting people’s need.
Prof. Francisca Omorodion
  • Prof. (Mrs.) Francisca is a Sociologist with the University of Windsor, Canada since 2003. She obtained her BA Sociology in 1979; MA Sociology in Education from University of Toronto in 1982; Masters in Applied Population Research from University of Exeter in 1996; and her PhD from University of Benin, Nigeria in 1996. Throughout her career, she worked in the areas of Reproductive/Sexual health, Development/Environment; Family and Gender.
Mrs Omolara Okubajo
  • Mrs Omolara Okubajo , is a Strategy Manager and Certified Management Accountant( CIMA). She has over 15 years work experience in the financial services industry, telecommunications and entertainment both in U K and in Nigeria. She is married with two children.


Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future. Save The Life To Make The Better World